Location, Location, Location is everything, we cannot emphasise this enough. When choosing a site to bring up your offspring top three on  your list will be is it safe, secluded and undisturbed. Hedgehogs are no different from any other mammals which includes us.

Dense hedgerows, underneath and in sheds, greenhouse, garages,( for garages and green houses always make sure there is access and egress all the time by leaving the door open or creating their own entrance )compost heaps and anywhere they feel safe they will nest. Hedgehog boxes come in all shapes and sizes like the one shown here our very own  "Heavy Metal Hedgehog House  but the principle is the same. You are providing a dry, cosy quiet safe place for them to nest and rest. We at Amazing Grace recommend several places for Grace to 'nest and rest' in your garden. 

Our Heavy Metal Hedgehog House with its full metal jacket roof can keep hedgehogs safe and toasty inside and these are the features that we feel makes it perfect for our spiky friends. There  is a entrance corridor accessed by our unique engraved metal hedgehog. 

This corridor leads to the sleeping chamber. The entrance passage helps to protect the Hoglets and adult hedgehogs from being disturbed by other not so welcome visitors by it's sharp change in direction in the passage.

The strong riveted galvanised roof has a very deep overhang and good slop so that it keeps the house dry. An extra barrier of wooden batons on the inside of the roof increases insulation during cold weather by sealing the lid. The sheer weight of the roof help keep it closed and the hedgehog remain safe inside. The house is made from treated timbers and has aluminium channel open feet to help prevent damp penetrating the sleeping chamber whilst providing insects with a safe home too. The circular entrance to the house secured by the steel hedgehog that guards the threshold day and night. The steel guardian hedgehog has been engraved with the message ‘On darkest wintery nights when raging winds have stolen leaves from bending trees & an icy north breath has hardened the water I will rest my weary spines safe & toasty in my Heavy Metal Hedgehog House’. 

As hedgehog lovers we have tried many hedgehogs houses over the years and have modified many so if you have an existing house contact us and we will be able to advise you and help you make it work in your garden.  

Take a look inside one of our nesting boxes at some hoglets feeding through our hidden camera

On our cameras we see that hedgehogs have a sixth sense when sleeping in their bed and even during deep sleeps the spins are seen to react to approaching danger. This involuntary movement happens so that the hedgehog can use its only defence of curl into a ball should you or predators actually touch the box.  Don’t ever disturb a hedgehog box as they will not stay.

Always remember… 'Graces Giant Tale'  

Grace says.. Imagine being asleep in your bed all safe and warm only to be woken by a giant peeling back the roof of your bedroom. Would you be scared ?  I know I would be, so scared that I’d never go back home ever again. Your home is a safe place please don’t make me fear mine. Don't peek!

For hedgehog box location follow these thee simple steps

  1. Find a quiet undisturbed  site in your gardens, under bushes and sheltered, somewhere it can remain undisturbed for many years and is not impacted by wind or rain. Whilst a  hedgehog house is a feature and great addition to any garden please remember who it is actually there for and the hedgehogs needs not your.
  2. Put  a few hand full of dry leave inside. ( to ensure the leaves are dry collect some in a  bin bag and put in the airing cupboard to dry out until they are crispy)
  3. Leave the House alone and only watch via a trap camera. 
  4. Do not disturb the house at all once in place. 
  5.  Wild animals will not have their young where they don't feel safe.
  6. We at Amazing Grace recommend several places for Grace to 'nest and rest' in your garden.  

I hope you are able to add a happy hedgehog house to your space that will provides a safe place for hedgehogs in your area. 






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