The Bad News

The UK's hedgehogs are in trouble. Since the 1950s, numbers have declined from over 30 million to fewer than 1 million today. And the numbers keep dropping. Since 2000, populations have fallen by at least half in the British countryside, and by nearly a third in urban areas.

The Reasons

Why are hedgehogs declining so dramatically?

Simplified to a single word, the main driver of the decline is humans. Our species is destroying, degrading, and fragmenting their habitats as well as poisoning their food supply with extensive pesticide usage. At least 100,000 hedgehogs are killed on roads each year, accounting for 16% of all road casualties.

In rural areas, loss of hedgerows to accommodate intensive agriculture leads to diminished prey availability, inadequate protection from predators, and insufficient nesting sites for rearing young.

In urban areas, fences between properties serve as impermeable barriers between gardens which may otherwise provide suitable habitat havens. Additionally, swimming pools and steep-sided ponds can turn into the watery graves of any hedgehogs that accidentally fall in if there is no means for them to escape. Lawnmowers, strimmers, and bonfires can also fatally wound unsuspecting hedgehogs if people are not cautious.

The Good News

It is not yet too late! Whilst populations continue to decline at around 5% per year nationally, trends seem to show a slight decrease in the rate of decline in urban areas in recent years. As people make their gardens and communities hedgehog-friendly, populations are slowly starting to recover in certain areas.

Join the movement and help us fight the decline and save Britains hedgehog one community and one village at a time. #AmazingGrace can help you make your community hedgehog-friendly!

It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

Let's each do our part to help save Grace. Start with modifying your own garden and behaviour, and then encourage others in your community.

We can help you through this process and make your village hedgehog friendly. 

1. YOU

Make your own garden hedgehog-friendly


Encourage neighbours and friends to become hedgehog-friendly


Organise a Grace Day. Spread the word to local schools, Scouts, and organisations


1. It Starts with You

Make your garden a Grace-Friendly Garden--then add it to our map!

  • Add a Hedgehog Hole

    Cut a 12cm hole in the base of your fence to allow hedgehogs to roam between gardens--they travel 1-2km each night!

  • Create a Wild Corner

    Plant lots of flowers and native plants. Encourage bees, insects and other wildlife to use your garden

  • Make Pools and Ponds Safe

    Provide a ramp or other exit route so a hedgehog can climb out of the water

  • Embrace the Gardener's Best Friend (Not Literally of Course!)

    Instead of using slug pellets or other pesticides, let hedgehogs eat your garden pests. If you must use additional pest control try something non-toxic like a beer trap or grapefruit peels

  • Remove Hazards

    Keep garden netting and wire at least 20cm above the ground; store antifreeze and other chemicals safely out of reach; keep drains and other potential traps covered 

  • Always Check

    Before you mow, strim, cut, or burn! Be alert for any sleeping or nesting hedgehogs

2. Spread the Word

Once you have made your own garden hedgehog-friendly, encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same!

  • Distribute our free downloadable resources to your friends, neighbours, and colleagues

  • Advertise the campaign on local community Facebook pages and groups

  • Spread the word about the hedgehogs' plight and the ways in which we can each help to slow the decline

3. It Takes a Village

Rally your community to embrace hedgehog-friendly practices!

  • Give a Grace Talk!

    Take our slideshow presentation to a local school, Women's Institute, Scouts group, village council, or other community group

  • Engage the wider community to create a hedgehog-friendly village

    Talk to your village council about expanding the campaign to include the entire village
  • Alert the media

    Reach out to local media (radio, newspaper, etc.) to increase awareness of hedgehogs, the #AmazingGrace campaign, and your village's hedgehog-friendly efforts

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