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Hedgehog Heroes needed NOW

Do you want to help hedgehogs like Grace. We’re looking for ‘Hedgehog Heros’ to help make the villages ‘Hedgehog Friendly” could you be the next one to join us?  Contact us here at HQ and help halt the decline one garden and one village at a time. We especially want hedgehog heroes in the borough of Surrey Heath and surrounding areas

Who is Grace?

Grace was found with a neck wound. She came to us and was treated for 'flystrike' (myiasis) and her deep cut was cleaned. Some of the fly eggs were also found inside her mouth. Fly eggs

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Hedgehogs from around the world

Hedgehogs have survived for over 15 million years and are thought to be one of the oldest mammals on earth. They are not found in America or Australia but are found to be widespread. They have changed very little in their time on the planet. Hedgehogs all have hollow hairs that

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Hedgehogs in your garden

Hedgehogs are considered the gardener’s friend as they can help keep some of the garden pests under control. However, whilst they can give us the pleasure of seeing them as they wander across our gardens late at night; we can cause them a lot of problems with our gardening activities. The following advice should help to reduce some of the problems that they might encounter in our gardens.  

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Habitat is everything. The loss of habitats and safe nesting sites has left hedgehogs extremely exposed. They have traditionally spent their times close to hedgerows seeking prey and where they would be able to find safe nesting sites in the dense hedges.

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Grace Facts!

Some interesting facts on hedgehogs that you probably don't know. Fnd out more about Grace and her friends and test your friends too, together with knowledge we can help wildlife.

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Hans Hedgehog, Fairytale

There was once a country man who had money and land in plenty, but however rich he was, his happiness was still lacking in one respect - he had no children. Often when he went into the town with the other peasants they mocked him and asked why he had no children.

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All about Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are very useful visitors to any garden. They eat slugs, beetles, caterpillars and a variety of other cute creepy crawlies, in fact, everything that makes holes in your plants will probably be the prey of these spiky fellows, making them a must have in any garden.

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Hazards & Grace

Grace and her much-loved ‘spiky friends’ face numerous hazards throughout their lives, out in the country Many of the problems they face are created by Man. LET’S HELP GRACE!

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Hedgehog Folklore

In most European countries, hedgehogs are believed to be a hard-working no-nonsense animal. This partially results from the folk belief that hedgehogs collect apples and mushrooms and carry them to their secret storage. It is unclear exactly how old this belief is though

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Hedgehogs & Bonfires

Don't let them burn.

Autumn is bonfire season; whether you're clearing garden waste or celebrating bonfire night, many of us enjoy being outdoors and toasting chestnuts and marshmallows on a roaring fire. Hedgehogs generally hibernate in autumn as that is when their food supply has itself either hibernated, migrated or gone deep into the ground.

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