Dr Brian May's #AmazingGrace Video

    In the making of our #AmazingGrace video, we used one of our rescue hedgehogs: Grace. The music is performed by Dr. Brian May and Kerry Ellis.

    Although hedgehogs are mainly nocturnal animals, the film was shot during the day so that you could see the full beauty of the hedgehog. It was a considered decision and Grace was monitored throughout the filming process. Contrary to popular belief, healthy hedgehogs can be seen during the day - for more information, visit the Get Involved page.

    The filming was completed over four days, at two locations. We filmed on site at the wildlife rescue and at a release site. During filming, Grace was allowed to freely wander and we followed her without interference.

    Our hospitalised hedgehogs are cleaned and fed in the morning whilst in the rescue, and get used to feeding through the day. Their food and water is topped up at night in strictly controlled quantities - they have a tendency to over eat. When they are moved to our outside pre-release runs, we continue this routine for a few days, after which we change to night time feeding only. At this stage, our hedgehogs immediately resume their nocturnal behaviour. If cared for correctly, the innate instincts of all wildlife will return after being released from a rescue.

    Hedgehogs remain in the pre-release runs or gardens for several weeks to ensure they are feeding and that they react to light and to humans by fleeing, freezing or curling.

    Grace has now been successfully released.

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